B E   R E A D Y   T O   S T A N D   O U T   


You need jewellery that makes a statement and is nice to wear.  You want pieces that make you feel fantastic every time you put them on.  Something that reflects your uniqueness and strength. That's where I come in.


Mixing craftsmanship and storytelling, i consider that the right accessories can change not only our look, but our mood and our attitude. Whether it's a bold necklace a graceful earring, I know you'll find something here that helps you to complement your unique style.



M O R E   A B O U T   J U L I E :

Highlighting selected materials and shapes, the sculptural jewellery from the Swiss born artist Julie Schmid is modern and organic at the same time. 


Inspired by her continuing fascination for craftsmanship and storytelling, unexpected compositions and expressive individual pieces of jewelry are created. 


Julie likes to explore and you will recognize her love for diversity in her collections. 


Graduated from the Art & Design School in Geneva, she has been calling Hamburg, Germany her home Since 2012.